What We Do

BCV works with activists and networks that are community-based and community-led.  It has active partnerships with communities and networks in all 24 provinces and many cities within Cambodia.

BCV partners with marginalized communities that are currently in crisis or at risk of losing their land, natural resources and/or livelihoods.  These communities include those of indigenous peoples, women, garment workers, sex workers, university students, homosexual and transgender people, orphans, people living with HIV, urban and rural poor people, and others.  It works with key organizers among each group and forms advisory groups to guide BCV’s work and the respective communities’ objectives.

BCV’s major activities revolve around providing training, coaching and mentoring in four major skill areas:

  • Community organizing skills: BCV works with community networks to develop the capacity of its members to build up their constituencies and coordinate between networks.
  • Lobbying & facilitation skills: BCV works with community networks to develop the capacity of its members to undertake coordinated national advocacy efforts on issues affecting their rights and to develop collaborative, effective communication, team-building and facilitation skills.
  • Media technology: BCV works with community networks to help them become proficient with various mediums of media technology (e.g., audio recording, digital still and video recording) so that they are able to express their issues and record those issues in a form that can be distributed to others.
  • Production of hard materials: BCV works with community networks to build their capacity to develop materials in various formats and to distribute them throughout the country, e.g., by producing videos, songs, dances, storytelling, and role playing activities.

In addition, BCV staff facilitates workshops held by other NGO partners and community networks.  It also facilitates formal and informal meeting spaces in which communities can share experiences, learn from each other and develop knowledge.  In this way, BCV fills a unique niche connecting networks, peoples, and NGOs across issue and geographic sectors.[:]